Friday, May 9, 2014

What does Workers Compensation means?

It simply means an injured worker/ employee is entitle to medical benefit among other benefits from the injury that he or she has suffered while they were at work. Additionally, Workers compensation, Worker Comp, Work Comp, Workman’s Comp all fall within the same category of injury at work.  An injured worker must report his injury to his immediate superior, manager or the human resource department so that he or she could be receive immediate medical treatment. Most injured workers fail to report their injury at work for variety of reason such as thinking that by reporting the work injury they could lose their job or they think their pain would go away within days, however, failure to report the injury to the supervisor sometimes can lead this into denial of the claim. In most instances the insurance company through their claim adjuster or claim examiner make false promises, therefore, the best thing is either one has to be educated in the Workers Compensation Law or the injured worker must retain an attorney immediately, experience attorney who only practices workers compensation law. A work comp lawyer can make your life much easier and can walk you in every step of the claim by making sure that not only you can receive your Temporarily Disability Benefit (TD) but also you can receive Medical Treatment, Medication, Orthopedics, chiropractor, Permanent Disability (PD) and Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) among other things.

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